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About GetReqs

Lead Generation for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Want to fill your pipeline with new recruiting and staffing clients?

At GetReqs, we help recruiters, professional headhunters, and staffing firms like you find the prospects you want and create a continuous stream of new clients to keep your pipeline full.

It’s Time to GetReqs

Gone are the days of constant networking, cold-calling, and manual outreach.

At GetReqs, our “done-with-you” program offers a fully automated, high-converting lead generation strategy that works to attract the right clients to you. Founded by inbound marketing experts Mark Coulter and Vince Velotta, GetReqs offers a simple solution to the common issues of client turnover and “feast or famine” lead generation. You’ll finally have a way to turn your frozen pipeline into a source of warm, hire-ready leads and long-term clients.
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Meet the Founders – Mark Coulter and Vince Velotta

Mark Coulter

Mark Coulter is Co-Founder of Jivaro Media. Before Jivaro, Mark ran a successful marketing company and consulted dozens of 7-figure agencies in their lead generation efforts. After years of testing out different markets, Mark set his sights on the staffing industry. By phasing out the antiquated, manual processes of the past, and implementing cutting edge, automated marketing strategies used by some of the most prominent B2B lead gen companies in today’s market, Mark and his partner Vince quickly built their professional recruitment firm into a force to be reckoned with. Later, these systems were optimized, organized, and pieced together into what became the GetReqs Program.

At GetReqs, Mark has created a systematized method for helping recruiters and staffing agencies find qualified candidates, fast. The GetReqs system uses Mark’s unique experience in the industry to help recruiters attract new clients and more job orders every single month.


Vince Velotta is Co-Founder of Jivaro Media. Before Jivaro, Vince spent years on the financial side of the staffing industry and later came to be Head of Recruitment for Staff Gurus. For years, he helped staffing agency owners develop long-term growth strategies. With Jivaro – and the GetReqs Program – he aims to help more recruiters land high-paying clients with the Get Clients in Demand System.

The GetReqs Approach

At GetReqs, we believe there’s a way to get new clients without having to rely on cold outreach, inconsistent referrals, or sending corny gift baskets.

Instead, our program focuses on ideal audience research, effective brand positioning, and automation to attract the right types of leads without you having to waste your time on prospects that are never going to convert.

We make sure your messaging attracts the leads you want and that your sales process is set up for success. That means automating outreach, following up with leads at the right time, and knowing what to say to close deals faster.

“We help recruiters get the right message in front of the right people at the right time at scale without trading their time.”

Fill Your Pipeline with Recruiting Leads

We work with independent recruiters, professional headhunters, and recruitment agencies who are ready to be omnipresent online and attract high-quality leads on autopilot.

Contact us to learn more about Recruiting & Staffing Clients-On-Demand – our full-access lead generation and deal-closing system.

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